Tailor-made perfumes

Individually selected perfumes that match a particular smell of the skin

It is a well known fact, that every human being has a different smell. A unique odour arises from a combination of the sebaceous gland secretion and sweat (odourless), which is decomposed by bacteria to malodorous products. The intensity of such a smell depends on both, the physiology and hygiene. Obviously, it is impossible to change the characteristic smell of a particular person, what has been proved by the ability of trained dogs to track down someone. Only uniovular twins may similarly smell, though, there are usually some differences related to their unequal lifestyles, different surroundings, etc.

Various perfume forms have been known for millennia. The people have used them in order to become indistinguishable in their surroundings or, on the contrary, to stand out. Even so, it has been rarely taken into consideration that the effect of putting perfume on is the result of mixing a smell of the human skin with a scent of a fragrant composition.

The same perfume does not equally smell on the skin of different people.

That is why the most famous perfumers have started offering tailor-made perfumes, i.e. the scented products matching someone’s smell, lifestyle, individual likes and dislikes, etc.

Such perfumes are also offered by POLLENA-AROMA®. Taking into account a special questionnaire and same samples of the skin’s smell, our “NOSES” (specialists in perfumery) work out a few fragrant compositions. When a client chooses one of them, POLLENA-AROMA® prepares an extract (about 30%), perfume (about 20%), eau de parfum (10 – 15%) or toilet water (5%). The percentage shown in brackets denotes the concentration of a selected composition in alcohol solution.

The Queen of Hungary’s Water

Aqua Reginae Hungaricae (the Queen of Hungary’s Water) is a specific example of the highest quality product. It is a replica of the 14th century perfume in an artistic etui with ferrules made of precious metals and amber (each etui is made to individual order). The other uniquely smelling perfumes include “Larendogra” (eau de parfume for women) and “Cardamon for Men”

Woda Królowej Węgier

Prices of tailor-made perfume products (for a 100 ml package): toilet water – from PLN500; eau de parfum – from PLN750; perfume – from PLN1000; extract – from PLN1500.

The tailor-made perfumes exclusively belong to the orderers and they are not accessible to any other clients. Such products make possible to have unique, extraordinary perfumes made from the highest quality ingredients. Their scents perfectly match the smell of the owners’ skin.

We give 30% price discount at subsequent purchase of the same product.

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