Private brands

Due to wide experience of our specialists and technologists we are able to work out and implement new production methods related to a variety of scented cosmetic preparations and household chemical products. Taking into consideration the most advanced technological knowledge, we work in partnership with the Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care in Warsaw, where our employees conduct some lectures.

Among numerous prizes, we were awarded the “European Medal” for private brand production.

Our unique research as well as implementation and production abilities allow us to carry on the wide spectrum of operations that help other entrepreneurs to develop their business.

At the request of our clients, we can carry on high-volume production of ordered products, which are then placed by the customers in retail packages bearing their own marks. On the other hand, our clients may ask to do retail packaging for them. We are particularly specialized in production of high quality preparations, niche products as well as ecological or organic goods and other specialty products (e.g. tailor-made perfumes).


As it was mentioned above, an assortment of preparations, which may be worked out and produced, depends entirely on our clients needs. However, we do not undertake any mass production that additionally requires automatic lines for retail packaging. In such a case, we supply the products in wholesale packages, such as 180 l barrels, 1000 l containers or any other previously agreed packages.

Among other services we offer the following:

  • development of new products,
  • consultancy on admission to trade,
  • participation in creating marketing concepts,
  • production, small-scale production as well.

We pay particular attention to product exceptionality – it gives you the possibility to prepare a unique offer.

Some examples:

  • Liquid for deterring mosquitoes and ticks
  • Antiseptic liquid for hands
  • Massage gel

Tailor-made perfumes
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