Our Fragrances

Every fragrant composition – fragrance is a work of art. Its creation is as difficult and fine as making a picture with paint or composing a piece of music. That is why the perfumery language has adopted music terminology. In order to make some “accords”, we use suitable “notes”.

The “harmony” must always characterized our fragrances created by skilled perfumers. Our perfumers are the best in Poland and those, who are currently working for respectable competitors, have been once our scholars. The school of perfumery at POLLENA-AROMA® is specialized in training perfumers, who have been granted UNIDO scholarships.

Fragrances designed for cosmetic preparations, household products and other goods have been manufactured by POLLENA-AROMA® for over sixty years. Taking advantage of acquired knowledge and experience, the best Polish perfumers from our Fragrance Laboratory are able to create not only typical, but also modern and sophisticated fragrances. Once the creative work has been completed, the pieces of perfumery art are then manufactured in our factory equipped with the Europe most advanced, computer-controlled installation. That is why we guarantee both the highest level of creative workmanship and precisely manufactured end-products in the form of perfect fragrances made from the best ingredients.

Our Sales Department prepares suitable offers, selects fragrances that are adjusted to our clients’ needs, and then completes the orders. The offers are characterized by moderate  prices, attractive discounts and terms of payment.

Tell us what has to have a nice smell. If you know this smell, tell us what it is and how much you expect to pay for it. These are for us sufficient pieces of information. We will let you have the product precisely adjusted to your needs. Therefore, we are looking forward to making contact with us.

Chief perfumer

Anna Adamowicz

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