Information on our transaction procedure

In spite of the liquid form of fragrances, the kilogram is a transaction unit.

We place our products in containers of the following capacity: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 200, 1000 litres. The smallest quantity for a single delivery of a fragrance amounts to 5 kg.

On average, the order is completed within 14 days from the date it has been placed. The time of delivery depends on various parameters. Two days after receiving  your order, we are able to state precisely the date of its completion.

The full offer adjusted to your needs, terms of delivery, pricing, technical advice on suitable selection and application of our fragrances as well as any other issues could be discusses with our staff of the DEPARTMENT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PRODUCT INFORMATION.

e-mail: kompozycje@pollenaaroma.com
Marlena Dylewska
Sales consultant
tel.: +48 (22) 504 17 06

Agnieszka Wojciechowicz
Sales consultant
tel.: +48 (22) 504 17 50

Iwona Skośkiewicz
Sales consultant – export sales
tel.: +48 (22) 504 17 01

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