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POLLENA-AROMA® is a company that started operating in 1956 as a manufacturer of fragrant compositions and ingredients for food flavors. In the mid 1980s, it joined the group of food flavors manufacturers. Being equipped with the Europe most advanced production facilities, we produce nowadays a full range of flavors, whose formulas are created and developed in our Flavor Laboratory. Making use of the highest quality raw materials, our flavors and their production processes fulfill all the requirements of GMP, HACCP, IOFI and European Union directives.

We are able to create the most subtle and refined flavor in any form at an acceptable price.

Our Flavor Laboratory employs the Poland best specialists in creating “taste and flavor”. A required physical form is then elaborated by our technologists.

Our Sales Department prepares suitable offers, selects adequate food flavors that are adjusted to our clients’ needs, and then completes the orders. The offers are characterized by moderate  prices, attractive discounts and terms of payment.  

Tell us what taste you expect of your product. Our specialists would prepare for you an offer as soon as possible. The smell and flavor of your end-product will be unique.

Bożena Sokołowska
Chief specialist in food aromas

For thousands of years, people have tried to improve the taste of food by adding various spices, oils, herbs, plant extracts, honey, salt, etc. A good cook is an artist due to his or her ability to select skillfully proper flavours in order to conjure unrepeatable smell and taste of an unforgettable meal. Nevertheless, the pace of modern life does not allow people to spend much time on art of cooking. Instead of conjuring some meals, we would rather buy ready-made mixtures, offered in abundance by the food industry. Such approach gave rise to growing demand for ready-made blends of flavouring ingredients. That is how the food aroma industry began to emerge.

All food flavors must be made according to legislative requirements. In practice, these products are based on natural ingredients such as essential oils, plant extracts, individual components isolated from natural raw materials and a very limited number of synthetic substances legally allowed for use in food. The latter encompasses chemical compounds that occur in nature. They have been carefully investigated by numerous scientific studies, paying particular attention to human health safety. Commonly applied vanillin is an example of the synthetic chemical compound. Even though it is one of the natural vanilla constituents, its isolation from the plant raw material is quite costly. Therefore, its wide application in many branches of the food industry is rather excluded.

Food flavor creation is the true art; it is as difficult as composing fragrances. Despite a relatively small number of ingredients, all flavors have to comply with various requirements. As food flavors combine smell and taste, their creators should have profound knowledge of both stimuli effect on the human senses. Since some flavor components exert very strongly their impact, they are applied in extremely small amounts. It requires not only the technical know-how, but also a lot of tests to be carried out on end-products. Many food flavors are used in semi-finished articles, and consequently, they must be resistant to further processing conditions (e.g. heating, freezing, storage, etc.). The form of every food flavor is an important parameter – it could be a pure component mixture, solution in a suitable solvent (e.g. edible oils) or easily applicable powder on a proper carrier, for example starch or maltodextrin. Flavor formulation is performed by our technologists making use of modern production facilities, designed for mixing, dusting and drying. Such equipment has been placed in our new plant that is located in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Our know-how, many years’ experience and modern equipment guarantee production of the highest quality products.
We are able to create and produce any food flavor, adjusted to each type of food.

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