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Essential oils in Pollena-Aroma

Pollena-Aroma has had sixty-year experience in processing and application of essential oils. Our company makes use of the most advanced research methods to establish the quality of essential oils in respect to their physicochemical parameters and smell evaluation carried out by our team of the best Polish perfumers. Consequently, we offer the highest quality essential oils and other natural fragrances that are well adapted to the needs of our customers.

We have a full range of essential oils delivered by reliable and verified suppliers. The warranted quality of our products is fully documented and tested in our laboratories.

Dr. Władysław S. Brud


According to the standard ISO-PN-86497, natural essential oils are the products obtained from plants or their parts by means of:

  • water distillation (hydrodistillation), water and steam distillation or direct steam distillation,
  • mechanical processes carried out on the pericarp of citrus fruit (so-called citrus peel),
  • dry distillation

and separated from the water phase by means of physical methods.

In general, all essential oils pleasantly smell and taste. That is why they are widely used in various industrial segments to produce different goods whose quality greatly depends on their flavour and/or scent. Besides the essential oils, some manufactured goods may also contain fragrant substances obtained from plant raw materials by means of extraction methods. Such aromatic botanicals are presented below.

Essential oils characteristics

Qualitative attributes of each essential oil are described by numerous physicochemical parameters listed in the corresponding ISO Standard. An individual ISO specification comprises two fundamental elements – the chromatogram and quantitative composition. Nevertheless, the most important trait is the scent quality that determines applicability of an oil alone or blended with other fragrant ingredients in order to attain the final effect in aromatized goods. Neither an essential oil itself nor its scent can be fully identified by the name (commercial, botanical or according to the INCI nomenclature). Therefore, it is indispensable to have a characteristic data sheet that provide precise information. The same oil deriving from different sources (the botanical specification of a plant, geographical position of a plantation, atmospheric conditions, distillation methods applied, etc.) may have the distinct taste and smell quality. Such differences are of particularly great importance to cosmetics, perfumes, food products as well as pharmaceutical formulations. The latter group of goods has also to comply with additional requirements with respect to quality criteria.

Essential oils versus other natural fragrances

Apart from the food products and pharmaceutical preparations, it is acceptable to make use of fragrant botanicals to manufacture perfumes, cosmetic formulations, household chemical preparations and many other goods. Such fragrances are obtained from plant raw materials by means of organic solvent extraction leading to so-called concretes and absolutes (depending upon the extraction method applied). Still the other group of aromatizing substances encompasses botanical extracts that besides the essential oils, also contain active constituents (for example, they show therapeutic properties). It is worth pointing out the group of essential oils applied in pharmaceutical preparations – they are nowadays more frequently used as active ingredients.

Recently, the use of essential oils in various industrial branches have considerably expanded. It has been the result of extensive scientific research that elucidated and documented beneficial properties of these natural substances.

We have in stock many essential oils (see our offer). The other ones are available on request and may be delivered in due time, stipulated by our customers.

More details could be found in the description of each group of oils. Important pieces of information on retail sale are available at drbeta.pl

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