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Aromatherapy is a method of natural medicine that applies essential oils of plant origin to treat various health disorders. These oils are administered via inhalation (aromatherapy burners, pomanders, inhalators, air humidifiers, Pot-Pourri®) and/or through the skin (massage oils, cosmetic preparations, bath oils).

The above definition describes a therapeutic method that has been known since ancient times. Its modern version was elaborated in the 1920s by a French scientist, René-Maurice Gattefossé. Creating the Dr Beta® series, POLLENA-AROMA® has adopted aromatherapy principles – the company started manufacturing the Poland first aromatherapeutic oils, cosmetics and accessories. It is also worth noting that legendary Cleopatra slept on pillows filled with rose petals in order to have beautiful dreams, while Elżbieta Łokietkówna, the Queen of Hungary, used rosemary and thyme oils to treat rheumatic disorders and invigorate herself. Nowadays, our VAPOMIX® included in the Dr Beta® series exert their impact on physical and psychic disorders, rendering possible to make common use of essential oils.

DrBeta - Olejki Eteryczne

POLLENA-AROMA® offers a full spectrum of essential oils that are indispensable to all aromatherapeutic treatments. The most important ones are included in so-called “Professional kit” and “Home kit”.

  • LEMON OIL – applied in case of apathy, acne, infection and menopause
  • TEA TREE OIL – it is the most effective antiseptic among all essential oils
  • EUCALYPTUS OIL – applied in case of infection, influenza, fatigue, rheumatism
  • GERANIUM OIL – applied in case of cellulite, obesity, menopause, infection
  • OIL OF JUNIPER BERRIES – applied in case of obesity, cellulite, rheumatism, acne
  • LAVENDER OIL – applied in case of depression, anxiety, insomnia, infection, mycoses
  • PEPPERMINT OIL – applied in case of pains, influenza, common cold, fatigue
  • SWEET ORANGE OIL – applied in case of depression, anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia
  • ROSEMARY OIL – applied in case of fatigue, infection, rheumatism; it is also an aphrodisiac
  • SANDAL OIL – applied in case of nervous and sexual tensions, menopause, infection
  • PINE OIL – applied in case of infection, asthma, common flu, mental heaviness
  • THYME OIL – applied in case of infection, cough, low blood pressure

MOREOVER, OUR REGULAR OFFER COMPRISES THE FOLLOWING ESSENTIAL OILS: anise oil, basil oil, bergamot oil, cedar-wood oil, cinnamon bark oil, clove bud oil, cypress oil grapefruit oil, hyssop oil, ginger oil, fir oil (pichtae oleum), kanuka oil, caraway seed oil, coriander oil, Roman chamomilla oil, orange oil, manuka oil, neroli oil, patchouli oil, lime oil, marjoram oil, petitgrain oil, rosewood oil, oil of rose, pepper oil, clary sage oil, ylang-ylang oil.

Various health disorders could be also treated by applying ready-made blends of essential oils, i.e. VAPOMIXY®: B-7 – it stimulates to work, CH-4 – it is gently soporific, E-7 – it invigorates, F-8 – it is used against air-born bacteria, FS-1 – it has a smell of forest and it shows disinfecting activity, I-1 – it makes stressed people to fall asleep easier, H-7 – it removes nervous tension and puts people in a better mood, P-1 – it is a refreshing blend with a floral-lemon smell, R-6 – a calming blend that takes away stress and nervousness,  R-7 – it mobilizes and facilitates mental work, U-1 – it stimulates, energizes and invigorates, Z-3 – it deters mosquitoes, X-5 – it eliminates the smell of nicotine

  • Carrier oils for preparing massage solutions:
  • Grape seed oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Jojoba oil

CAUTION: Never apply undiluted essential oils directly on the skin. It is advisable to read a leaflet inserted in the wrapping before applying any essential oil. It is necessary to comply implicitly with recommendations and observe all the limitations presented in a general description of essential oils as well as a detailed description of a particular oil.



Scented essential oils represent the most concentrated mixture of active substances of plant origin. Due to their unusual properties and aromatheurapeutic activity, it is possible to create cosmetic preparations, formulated in a convenient and efficacious form. Such cosmetics, based on aromatherapy principles, are produced by POLLENA-AROMA®. They bear the trademark Dr Beta®.

DrBeta - Kosmetyki Naturalne

Skin care preparations

  • THE “JG® SERIES – an anti-cellulite oil and gel, containing geranium and juniper oils. Both oils strongly stimulate body fluid circulation and excretion of toxins. Therefore, these preparations help eliminate cellulite and an excess of fatty tissue.
  • JG® with myrceline –  it stimulates decomposition, blocks biosynthesis and restrains the growth of fatty tissue.
  • THE ROSEMARY SERIES “R® – a shampoo and hair conditioner. They contain a blend of essential oils, including rosemary oil as the main ingredient. Apart from stimulating and nourishing  the scalp, they effectively prevent the hair loss.
  • THE ROSE SERIES “β® – a non-alcoholic tonic, oil for treating telangiectasia, gel designed to treat telangiectasia, rose cream, rose milk for make-up removal, shower gel, rose water. All preparations contain the oil of rose, while neroli oil (obtained from bitter orange flowers) is also present in both formulations designed for treating telangiectasia. All “β®” preparations help rejuvenation and prevent skin from ageing.
  • THE “Ti®” SERIES – tonics, gel, Betamix (a mixture of pure bath oils). These preparations are designed for acne-prone skin.

Special skin problems

  • AnTicubit® – aromatherapy for bedridden patients. It is a balm designed for the skin prone to bed-sores and chafing. It contains the tea tree oil.
  • Antidem® – a gel for injured body. It alleviates sprains, bruises and luxations. This preparation contains the rosemary oil and peppermint oil.
  • Kapin® gel – it contains the rosemary oil that stimulates microcirculation, as well as the marjoram oil (anti-inflammatory and analgesic). Due to its soothing, elasticizing and moisturizing properties, this gel is recommended for skin care around the shoulders, throat, limbs and joints. A herbaceous note of the preparation renders someone to feel relaxed and it leaves a pleasant smell of nature on the skin.

Oils for professional massage and home body care

  • Aroma®-Relax – it refreshes, relaxes, balances emotions, tranquilizes and relives tiredness.
  • TiLove® – it helps firming the skin, relaxes the mind and body as well as it invigorates  and intensifies the vital forces.
  • Oliwka zmysłowa (sensual oil) – it greases the epidermis; intimate body parts in particular. It imparts a sensual smell of ylang-ylang flowers and protects against infection.
  • Spinarol® – it is designed for relaxing massage, applied in case of spinal disorders. It contains the marjoram oil and lavender oil – both of them are known for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
  • Muscarol® – it is designed for relaxing the overstrained muscles. It contains the rosemary and basil oils that are known for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Both oils stimulate and invigorate the muscles.
  • Circarol® – it is designed for relaxing massage in case of insufficient circulation. This preparation contains the rosemary oil and geranium oil. Both oils are known to stimulate body’s activity.

Cosmetic products for complex hygiene and leg care – they contain menthol as well as Australian tea tree oil and manuka oil, Egyptian cedar-wood oil and Sicilian lemon oil.

  • AnTifungi® balm – designed for treating feet prone to mycoses
  • AnTiveron® gel – designed for treating legs prone to varicose veins
  • AnTifatig® gel – designed for treating tired legs, prone to swelling
  • AnTipot® spray – this preparation prevents from excessive foot sweating and imparts a fresh odour.

Bath cosmetics

  • Pearl bath with essential oils – Oils for pearl bath and Jacuzzi – these products impart the following scents: Melissa-lavender (relaxing and antidepressant), rosemary-pine (relaxing and antidepressant), juniper-geranium (stimulate metabolism and circulation of the body fluids), mint-eucalyptus (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory), lemon-sandalwood (stimulating and invigorating). Formulations containing sea algae help slimming and firming the skin.

Seasonal cosmetics

  • Komarstop® – a liquid preparation deterring mosquitoes and ticks.

Produkty DrBeta


  • S. Brud and I. Konopacka-Brud, The secrets of Aromatherapy, Pagina, 1988
  • S. Brud and I. Konopacka-Brud, Aromatherapy for Everybody
  • S. Brud and I. Konopacka-Brud, Basic Principles of Perfumery – the only book written by Polish authors which describe a world of scents- handbook for students of perfumery,
  • S. Brud and I. Konopacka-Brud, Aromatherapy in Cosmetic Salons and Centres for Biological Regeneration, Wellness and Spa. We also offer our quarterly periodical “Aromaterapia” (Aromatherapy”). Starting from the Winter issue, it has been available in the electronic version.

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