In the late 1970s, apart from the core production of fragrances and synthetic aroma chemicals , POLLENA-AROMA® laboratories elaborated some products (perfumes, toilet waters, household fragrances, etc.) designed for individual consumers. Two perfume product lines – “Vis-a-Vis®” and “Znaki Zodiaku®” (the signs of the zodiac), “Aromilla®” pomanders, and “Pot-Pourri®” were met with success and consumers’ approval. Wide experience of our Research Laboratory made possible to put on the Polish market a group of “Dr Beta®” products, which had not been known before. Such products have been based on aromatherapy principles. In 1990, our experts – Dr Iwona Konopacka-Brud and Dr Władysław S. Brud – started to promote aromatherapy in Poland.

Polish Aromatherapy has begun in Pollena-Aroma®.

The experts mentioned above published the first papers on aromatherapy and a book “Tajemnice aromaterapii” (“The Secrets of Aromatherapy” by W. S. Brud and I. Konopacka-Brud) and Pollena-Aroma Ltd launched aromatherapy essential oils. Such oils, bearing the trademark Dr Beta®, have entered the Polish market. The company has also started to conduct professional training and it was our initiative to establish the Polish Aromatherapeutic Society (PTA) as well as to publish a quarterly periodical “Aromaterapia” (“Aromatherapy”) edited by Dr I. Konopacka-Brud. We promote aromatherapy methods in the mass media and during numerous courses of study. Due to our initiative, the topics on aromatherapy have been introduced to education programmes (Warsaw Medical University, Łódź Medical University, the Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care in Warsaw, the University of Arts and Natural Sciences in Siedlce).

The quality of products and services as well as standards of relationship with our customers have become the company’s main objectives. We trace out prehistoric Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman traditions of applying essential oils and various preparations based on their valuable properties, in order to adopt the knowledge of traditional medicine and ancient procedures of body care to contemporary clinical medicine and modern cosmetology. Our essential oils and Dr Beta® preparations are subjected not only to accurate analytical studies, but also rigorous clinical tests and consumer evaluation. We know everything about essential oils and their components because we have studied them in many applications for more than sixty years, hence, we are sure of offering the highest quality preparations. We buy essential oils from reliable manufacturers, whose products comply with ISO and CEN standards and fulfill all the requirements of European Union directives as well as corresponding Polish law. We know that we offer you everything what is best in aromatherapy and verified by our company, renowned research institution and our customers.
We offer the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

We hope that aromatherapy in the form of Dr Beta® products help you to take care of your health, beauty and well-being.

Dr Iwona Konopacka-Brud

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